'There It Is! Da Ist Es!' Paperback Book (English-German)
'There It Is! Da Ist Es!' Paperback Book (English-German)
'There It Is! Da Ist Es!' Paperback Book (English-German)
Marta Almansa Books

'There It Is! Da Ist Es!' Paperback Book (English-German)

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 Kids learn languages easily through play, games and fun challenges. This educational children's book in German and English provides lots of different challenges to keep kids engaged while learning and having fun at the same time. Ideal for bilingual or expat families, language teachers (both English and German) and children that are learning a second language. Learning English and German through play is possible with a search and find book full of fun topics: home, food, animals, colours, numbers, clothes, instruments, toys and many more!

A book they will pick over and over again as it has many things to discover. Over 160 words in each language improves their vocabulary and helps with language acquisition.  Real-life images of objects they see in their everyday life encourages them to join the conversation and develop their communication skills.  

 Age Recommendation: 1+ years old

Why We Love It

  • Contains vivid imagery
  • Includes early concepts that support language development
  • Contains great vocabulary builders
  • Supports bilingual language development
  • Describes ways to engage in the local community


About Marta Almansa Books

Marta is a mum of two, registered children's nurse and children's books author. She was born in Barcelona, Spain and lives in London, United Kingdom. Passionate about babies, children's and their families, she has published children's books in 7 languages. Her books are educational and fun, covering different topics such as first aid for kids ("Nurse Bear Does First Aid"), learning languages in a fun way ("There it is!" bilingual series), activity books and more. Marta has sold more than 10000 books globally on various other platforms.