Consignment Shop at Play Hollow

We are so excited to introduce our curated consignment program! Focusing on specialty items and brands that focus on sustainbility, eco-friendliness, and natural materials, we hope you find a new to you item that can bring you and your littles joy for years to come.


Gently Used/Excellent/Brand New Natural Fiber Clothing & Cloth Diapers

Unused/Brand New Lovies and Baby Early Toys

Gently Used/Excellent/Brand New Natural Toys (no battery operated items)



Accepting: rain gear, swimsuits, seasonal dresses/shirts/pants, seasonal shoes (sandals/rainboots), wooden toys, new baby toys, newborn cloth diapers, wool diapers, bamboo inserts

We are only accepting items made mostly from natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, wool) except for outdoor gear where we accept a wider variety of material but will prioritize recycled materials.  


Not Accepting: Size 1 & 2 cloth diapers, polyester diaper inserts


1) Items should be free of stains, flaws, and with all parts in working order. We want to sell what you would buy, therefore, if it wouldn’t make a quality gift, please don’t bring it.

 2) Items should be washed & cleaned, folded & packed neatly, and brought in a bin or box with a secured lid.

3) We will not sell items involved in recalls. It is your responsibility to check for recalled items prior to coming for your appointment. If an item we’ve taken is recalled, we will contact you for immediate pick up. If not picked up within 3 days, we will dispose of it for you.


  1. All items must be washed, cleaned, and ready to wear.
  2. Items with stains, holes, pet hair, and/or odors (food, smoke, etc.) will not be accepted.
  3. Any items involved in a recall will not be accepted. Please check prior to bringing items to us.
  4. Items containing Velcro, elastics, buttons, zippers, and snaps should be in great condition. No holes, tears, jams, or missing snaps.
  5. We will be accepting items made of: organic cotton, bamboo, wool, and other natural fibers. We will be accepting outerwear made from a wider variety of materials but giving preference to those using recycled materials. Please check our reference list on the website for brand guidelines.
  6. We will be accepting shoes with minimal wear on the treads and free of stains and smells. These items will be carefully inspected by a team member and accepted on a limited basis.
  7. Scroll to the bottom for guidelines on 


  1. All items must be washed, cleaned, and ready to be played with.
  2. If item has loose parts; these should be contained in a bag when brought to the store.
  3. Items with stains, holes, tears, broken pieces, pet hair, and/or odors (food, smoke, etc.) will not be accepted.
  4. Any items involved in a recall will not be accepted. Please check prior to bringing items to us.
  5. We will be prioritizing toys that are created by brands that use natural materials and engage in eco-friendly and fair trade practices.


      1.Cloth diapers must be washed and cleaned (this includes covers,   prefolds, inserts, and boosters).

  1. Items with stains, holes, tears, pet hair, odors (food, smoke, etc.) will not be accepted.

     3.Diapers must not have been recalled for any reason.

     4.Velcro and elastic should be in good condition. No holes, tears, or missing snaps.

     5.Please check your PUL and TPU linings for holes, cracks, peeling, and delamination.


We will pass on perfectly usable and good items at times for a variety of reasons. It might be that we have similar items on the floor, we might judge it as an item that won’t sell well, it might not be the right season, etc. We want success for us and especially for you and your items so we will be curating and highlighting items with intent to sell.


At this time, we will only be accepting items via appointments on Tuesdays (10 AM – 2 PM) and Saturday afternoons (12 – 4 PM). Please call ahead at 518-309-3517 to set a time with a staff member to bring your items. Due to limited space and stock, there will be times when appointments won’t be available and items not being accepted. We will be updating items monthly so please check back the following month for updates.

We will not be accepting items via mail nor will we be selling items online at this time.


Prior to your appointment, please determine a price for each item and include a master price list of all items you have provided. Please also include information of interest to buyer. Each item will be tagged at Play Hollow so please be clear and specific on your master price list. We are also happy to advise you on what we think may be appropriate pricing for your items during your drop-off appointment.


There are two ways that you will be able to sell your items at Play Hollow:

1) SELL DIRECTLY TO US: Via this method, Play Hollow and you will determine an acceptable offer for the items you bring. Once agreed, Play Hollow will offer you a check for your items and that’s it! You will be able to cash it that day as well as receive a 10% coupon to purchase any items in store that day only.

2) CONSIGNMENT: Via this method, we will agree to sell your items at your determined price (advice on pricing will be offered if asked!). During this time, you will maintain ownership of the items until the items sell. Items will be on the floor for a period between 30 – 60 days. Seller will receive 65% of the sale price while Play Hollow will keep 35% of the sale price. At the end of each calendar month, you will be contacted to receive a check for the items that sold and be returned the items that didn’t sell. Based on season and stock, Play Hollow may have the option of extending the consignment period for an extra month period. Play Hollow is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


IMPORTANT: ITEMS and PAYMENT not claimed after 30 days of being contacted will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Play Hollow. Payments not collected after 30 days of being contacted will be voided. At this time we are not unable to donate cloth diapers on your behalf.

While we wish we could accept all your items, please understand that we are designing this consignment to be very curated and particular given that we are a small boutique with limited space.  We are happy to refer you to other local businesses that will have a wider range of items to offer due to having more space and a different model. Use the list below as a guide for the types of items we won't be accepting.


Alfred Dunner * Athletic Works * Basic Editions * Bongo * Carter's WTW * Cherokee * Child Of Mine by Carter's * Christopher & Banks * Classic Pooh * Circo * Deb * Disney-all clothing * Dress Barn * Faded glory * Fashion Nova  * GAP * Garanimals * George * Gerber * Jaclyn Smith * Jordache * Juicy * Jumping Beans * Just one Year by Carter's * Just one You by Carter's * K-Mart Brands * Kid Connection * Kid's Headquarters * Lee * Little Collections by Carter's * Lullaby Club * Miley * Old Navy * Route 66 * SHEIN * Simply Joys by Carter's * TKS Basics * Time and Tru * Walmart Brands * Wonder Kids * Wrangler