Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Sound Maker Bubble Blower
Bubble Tree

Sound Maker Bubble Blower

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Ready to have fun all year around?  

Each unit comes with a 4oz Aluminum Bubble Tree Bubble Bottle, Dip Tray to hold bottle and to collect solution to dip your instrument. They blow amazing bubbles, are easy to use, neat and are a great toy.

Bubble Tree Bubbles is not just safe for the environment but safe for you too. Get rid of one time use plastic bottles. Reuse! Refill! Recycle and Share! 

This item features bubble bottle filled with eco-friendly superior bubble solution that can be refilled, reused and recycled. Let's take this to your next celebration, event or just have fun with your family and friends! 

 Why We Love It
    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Engages creative play
    • Contains vivid imagery
    • Encourages outdoor adventures
    • Encourages connection with others
    • Non-toxic
    • Eco-friendly and sustainably made
    • Women-owned 

About Bubble Tree

Bubble Tree was developed by toy industry veterans who noticed a void in the marketplace for American-made products that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. With 80 years of combined experience, Bubble Tree’s founders have developed a product that will truly produce moments of happiness and fun with children, parents, while keeping the environment in mind. The American Bubble Company takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Historically, over 300 million one-time-use plastic bottles of bubbles are imported into the United States every year. Bubble Tree’s mission is to reduce this and create products that will contribute to the prevention of plastic pollution in our waterways and landfills. Bubble Tree takes pride in sourcing recycled materials that can be recycled multiple times and repurposed. Their goal is always to deliver high-quality American-made products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. This product was developed to help reduce plastic pollution, waste, and overuse of plastic bottles. It is made from aluminum, the most recyclable material on earth, and 100% recyclable corrugated. Bubble Tree features 3 different lines: the original refillable bubble system, the original refillable bubble solution, and aluminum bubble multi-packs. Our bubble system uses refillable aluminum bottles that can be filled numerous times using its very own refillable system. The systems are portable and feature an easy-to-carry handle.