Slingshot + Felt Pellets
Slingshot + Felt Pellets
Slingshot + Felt Pellets
Slingshot + Felt Pellets
Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

Slingshot + Felt Pellets

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A fun and fully functional toy that you can use to play safely with no limits for outdoor & indoor fun. Every "Take Aim" slingshot is accompanied by our 1.5cm felt pellets, perfect ammo for soft play.

Laser engraved "Wild Life" logo

5 x felt "pellets" 

Handcrafted with real wood and a smooth handle surface

Easy to carry, store, and clean. 

 Age Recommendation: 3 years +

Why We Love It

    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Engages creative play
    • Engages cooperative play
    • Supports problem solving
    • Encourages vocabulary development
    • Promotes fine-motor development
    • Encourages connection with others
    • Sustainably Made
    • Women-owned 
    • Made in Canada 


About Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

Wild | Life was created to make outdoor play fun, easy, and adventurous. We believe everyone should have the skills and confidence to explore the outdoors. Simple tools and quality gear to encourage outdoor adventure and benefit from the beauty of nature. The Wild | Life Outdoor Adventures was founded by Jenelle, she lived the wild life as kids and is on a mission to help kids get the same opportunities to be curious, to be brave, and to be wild. Because hey, isn’t that what being a kid is all about?