Rolling Shape Sorter

Rolling Shape Sorter

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 This beautiful wooden toy combines shape learning and active play, it’s a shape sorter and a push around toy all in one! This rolling shape puzzle can sharpen cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills, while also teaching basic geometric shapes. Kids will have fun rolling and following this push toy, as well as shaking out the pieces and playing with the shape sorter. Each shape in the set is a unique color and has the name of the shape printed on the block. This travel sized infant toy features sustainably harvested rubberwood and is finished with non-toxic, child-safe water based stains. 

 Age Recommendation: 2+ years old

Why We Love It

    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Encourages creative and open-ended play
    • Helps develop fine motor skills
    • Great vocabulary builders
    • Introduces academic concepts
    • Sustainably Made


About BeginAgain

BeginAgain is an eco-conscious toy company based out of Fort Collins, CO, who specializes in toys for children 6 months to 6 years old. We design and market toys that are fun and develop the child across all stages of toddler and preschool life, both mentally and physically. Our products are made from 100% sustainable materials, so they are child safe and most importantly mom trusted!

Our brand is seeing tremendous growth as a result of:

1. Our sustainability message is resonating with consumers & retailers.

2. We use rubberwood, water based stains & natural rubber for entire product line.

3. Parents are looking for toys that reduce screen time for their children.

4. The revolt against plastic is very real & parents are looking brands not using plastic.

5. BeginAgain has grown as a very authentic voice that parents, grandparents & educators really love.