Mini 2-Ounce Surprise Sensory Play Dough
Mini 2-Ounce Surprise Sensory Play Dough
Mini 2-Ounce Surprise Sensory Play Dough
Mini 2-Ounce Surprise Sensory Play Dough
Earth Grown KidDoughs

Mini 2-Ounce Surprise Sensory Play Dough

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Surprise! Our mini eco dough come in a variety of colors and scents that always delight! Which one will you receive? 


About Earth Grown Kid Doughs

Super silky EGKD sensory doughs are softer, more pliable, and far longer lasting! It is made with non-toxic food grade ingredients and is nut free, soy free, vegan and totally taste safe. These super durable doughs last for hundreds of hours of play (12 months on average), but wash out easily with just warm water.

If ever you experience drying, just knead to rehydrate! KidDoughs also contain naturally antimicrobial salt and essential oils helping to control germs during play and can be fully heat sanitized in the microwave.

EGKD has everything you knead for safe and engaging sensory play. 

 Age Recommendation: 3+ years old

Why We Love It

    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Engages creative play
    • Engages cooperative play
    • Supports skills and vocabulary building in areas of social-emotional development
    • Promotes sensory development
    • Encourages connection with others
    • Handmade with natural ingredients
    • Women-Owned


About Earth Grown KidDoughs

Earth Grown KidDoughs is an award-winning line of natural sensory play doughs and imagination-inspiring sensory play kits. Our all-natural, crazy long lasting, amazingly soft, scented (and sparkly!) sensory playdoughs have been handmade in the Pacific Northwest for the last 8 years. These super silky doughs will last for 12+ months if you put them away after play and won't dry out even if they are left out overnight. Just squish them around so that they can rehydrate themselves! They are even microwave sanitizable. The beautifully smooth texture is not crumbly or gritty and will actually help encourage hands-on tactile play. They are made with all high quality non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and are nut-free and vegan. With ingredients of just flour, salt, canola oil, cream of tartar, food coloring, and potassium sorbate, parents can be at ease knowing that these doughs are totally taste safe (though we do give it a bitter taste to discourage oral exploration)! Our creativity inspiring sensory play kits encourage open ended play, fine motor development, hand eye coordination, and language development. Kids will engage with our activity kits for hours of screen free fun.