Girls with Curls Daisy "Thank You" Cards Set
Coral & Blue Paper Co.

Girls with Curls Daisy "Thank You" Cards Set

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Looking for a wonderful and thoughtful way to teach kids character building qualities such as gratitude, love and empathy? This is the great set to start from. There are 10 Daisy "Thank You" cards with 12 classic white envelopes. These are the perfect cards for kids to say, "Thank You!" to friends, family, teachers, etc.

 Age Recommendation: 3+ years old

Why We Love It

    • Supports academic skills learning
    • Elementary-lines to keep things neat
    • Creative space for a drawing or a photo
    • Promotes literacy
    • Promotes fine-motor development
    • Promotes self-love
    • Encourages connection with others
    • Sustainably Made
    • Woman-owned business
    • Made in the USA - BPA-Free - Recyclable


About Coral & Blue Paper Co.

I'm Ashley, mom of two from Saratoga Springs, NY and founder of Coral & Blue Paper Co. where I make children's stationery that's not only beautiful, but meets the needs of elementary-aged kids. My mission is to encourage gratitude, thoughtfulness and creativity, and to help bring back the Thank You note with stationery designed to make note-writing both simple and joyful to do! 

I started Coral & Blue Paper Co., named for the colors of classic elementary lines, because kid-friendly stationery was needed. Teaching kids to express gratitude is important - especially in our digital age. However, as a mom, I know that thank-you notes can be quite a task, especially after a birthday party. 

Through the process, I learned exactly what kids need to make note-writing simple: elementary lines, an oversized writing space to accommodate larger hand-writing, and an area to get creative. After searching the market for kid-friendly stationery unsuccessfully, I decided to create it. Parents began asking where we got them, and after patenting the design, Coral & Blue was soon founded.

Taking a simple idea and creating a product that both solves a problem and encourages kindness has been a wonderful journey. I'm so excited to share my kid-friendly stationery with kids, parents and the retail world, and help kids find the joy in expressing gratitude.

I’ve learned about how expressing gratitude through note-writing helps kids to improve mood, increases serotonin levels, and improves reading and writing skills. Note-writing also sets kids apart, and will help them during and after college in their job and internship searches.

Every card is made in the USA, BPA-free and recyclable. Creating a business that helps both kids and parents has been a blessing, and I hope that these cards help you and your kids the way they’ve helped me and mine.