Disana Wool Shampoo
Disana Wool Shampoo

Disana Wool Shampoo

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Our wool shampoo is completely adapted to the special requirements of natural wool. It protects the sensitive wool fibers during washing and reduces possible felting of the items when washing. Panama bark extract as a natural foam builder significantly increases washing power, even with cold hand washes.
As a concentrate, it can be used particularly sparingly and is sufficient for many wool and silk washes. Fragrance-free, kind to the skin and the environment.

Machine wash: 15 ml (1/2 capful) per wash. Wash on wool cycle, cold (25°C), do not spin.

Hand wash: 5 ml in 4 liters of water. Use lukewarm water (25°C). Only put the item in the
washing water for a short time, do not soak it. Do not rub or rub, just gently press through.
Rinse clear with lukewarm water. Dry woolen items flat. The disana wool shampoo is
adapted to the pH value of natural wool and is specially designed for the gentle cleaning of natural wool and silk. But also for Angora, cashmere or med. tanned skins.

Ingredients: 15-30% amphoteric surfactants, panama bark extract, vegetable protein,
citric acid. Fragrance-free, kind to the skin and the environment.