Play Hollow Masking Policy

UPDATE: 3/3/2022

New York State government agencies and OCFS have announced new regulations for schools and daycares surrounding the protocols around COVID-19.  As of 3/2/2022, indoor masking for children and adults 2 and over is now left up to the individual.

While mandates for private businesses had made Play Hollow eligible to unmask indoors prior to this update, we remained vigilant and conservative about our policies given our littlest customers and their families.

With low community spread, optional masking available, frequent cleaning protocols in place, and 2 air purifying units changing the air in our space 6x per hour, all classes with enrollment starting after 3/2/2022 will not require masks and will leave masking choice up to each family.  

***If you are the parent of a child under 2 and are interested in future programming where all adults are masked, please reach out to