Natalia M Martinez, MS, CCC-SLP

For questions regarding any of the below services or provider requests, please contact Natalia at or call/text at 518-290-7571.  **Discounts and bundle packages are available for Monolingual/Bilingual Evaluations as well as Speech-Language Therapy.  

Natalia also offers workshops/consultations to daycares/preschools/schools/parent groups in the areas of language development, feeding, and curriculum enrichment.  Please contact her about packages available based on group size and group need. 

 Ask Me Anything: Language  --> $39 - 20 minute phone conversation
Do you have questions about your child's progress in areas of language development/speech sounds/social skills? Wondering about your child's feeding development? Does your child need help progressing to higher-level play? Do you need strategies on how to introduce vocabulary? Natalia is here to guide you in these and any other questions you may have in areas of speech/language/cognition and any special considerations that are specific to your situation. 


 Eyes on Me: Initial Assessment  --> $199 - live session
Eyes on Me consists of a live (in person or virtual) session to get to know you and your child and learn about your home environment as well as your concerns. Natalia will assess your child's strengths and suggest tools, materials, and strategies that will encourage language accessibility and development particular to your child's and your family's needs and goals. At the end of the session, a plan of action will be recommended.  


 Language Lead Up: 1st Year Quarterly Tracking --> $599 - 4 live sessions + monthly consults
A child's first year is full of new experiences and events not just for you child, but for yourself.  The question "Is this normal?" comes up almost on a daily basis. This program allows you to have experience and knowledge at your fingertips to ease your mind about how your child is developing.  This program series includes 4 live sessions with Natalia at the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month mark at the location of your choice.  This package also includes a monthly e-mail/phone consult with Natalia throughout the year to troubleshoot and answer questions in the areas of language/cognition/feeding.  


 Monolingual and/or Bilingual Speech-Language Evaluation - $399

Evaluations are comprehensive assessments and are individualized to meet the needs and concerns of a child and his caregivers.  Evaluations will include 1-2 caregiver interviews to collect a thorough linguistic/medical/scholastic history, an allotted time of approximately 90 minutes to complete testing batteries and dynamic assessments, and include a thorough report (averaging 6-10 pages) with student performance descriptions and recommendations regarding next steps.  A discussion of said report and any questions pertaining to the process are also part of the evaluation fee. These evaluations require at minimum 5 hours of the provider's time.  

Natalia is currently private pay only but will provide a SuperBill with guidance on how to approach insurance to cover these services (coverage is not guaranteed).


 Speech-Language Therapy - $99 (30 minute sessions) / $119 (45 minute sessions)

 Therapy sessions are individualized and based on the client's need for their language development goals.  Natalia works closely with the client and their caregivers to determine what time, frequency, and mode of therapy are adequate based upon multiple factors including but not limited to client's need, client's ability to participate in therapy, and family and therapist schedule. Natalia can offer services in both English and Spanish.

Natalia is currently private pay only but will provide a SuperBill with guidance on how to approach insurance to cover these services (coverage is not guaranteed).