Unicorn Sand & Seek Play-To-Go Kit
Unicorn Sand & Seek Play-To-Go Kit
Unicorn Sand & Seek Play-To-Go Kit
Decorated Dough

Unicorn Sand & Seek Play-To-Go Kit

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 Beautiful and magical unicorn land, with cloud, flower and magnificent gems to have fun and to create your own story with your new friends. 

Our sensory play kits are designed to inspire imagination and promote open ended sensory play. In addition to hours of interactive natural fun, sensory play supports the growth of neural pathways, motor skill development, hand strength, problem solving skills, language development, cognitive growth, and social interaction.

*Items may vary slightly from picture, but always pertain to theme*

 Age Recommendation: 3+ years old

Why We Love It

    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Engages creative play
    • Engages cooperative play
    • Supports skills and vocabulary building in areas of social-emotional development
    • Promotes sensory development
    • Encourages connection with others
    • Handmade with natural ingredients
    • Eco-Friendly and Organic
    • Women-Owned


About Decorated Dough

Decorated Dough promotes handmade, high quality, and affordable sensory items. Our company began as a mother of 6 was suddenly quarantined with her 6 children in a global pandemic. In an effort to limit screen time, I hand-made play dough and slime, paired it with manipulatives and we were now learning through play! Sensory play ignites imagination, enhances motor skills, improves language, and sparks creativity. Our mission is to produce play options that forever encourage young minds to imagine.