Toddler Cutlery Set
Toddler Cutlery Set
SO Handmade

Toddler Cutlery Set

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This toddler cutlery wrap is perfect to take out and about for your little one to use. As an alternative to plastic the bamboo fork and spoon set also comes with a bamboo straw. The set rolls together and wraps into a bundle which is small enough to fit comfortably into your lunch bag. It also comes with an organic and washable napkin with a train tracks and road way design to enable your little one to use it as a play mat while waiting for their food. The bamboo cutlery is ideal set for babies and toddler and made from USDA certified organically grown bamboo. The wrap has a compass, mountains, trees and starry night design on the front. On the inside the utensils come in different road way pockets including a train track, cycle path and construction way. The wrap also has an area for the child's name to be added. This item was designed by myself and hand screen printed onto 100% Organic cotton fabric.

The bamboo cutlery and straw are from Bambu and is certified USDA Organic


About SO Handmade

Sarah Omura's unique line of interactive, portable toys came as a solution to her own dilemma: how to keep her toddler's toys contained while they were running errands. Frustrated by finding a stray car at the bottom of the diaper bag one too many times, she knew there had to be a better way. Over time, Sarah developed not only a practical solution, but a beautiful one. She called on her background as a textile designer to create engaging graphic designs, which have a beautiful aesthetic but also leave plenty of room for toddlers’ imaginations to roam.

SO Handmade toys are just that: hand sewn using completely exclusive prints, each designed specially for the toy. The concept is simple: give kids real toys they can play with anywhere, and make them easy to transport and keep together. That simplicity is a beautiful alternative to the ever-present screens that surround us all started at ever-younger ages. Having SO Handmade toys as an alternative gives kids a way to use their imaginations to fill in colors and sounds on a simple backdrop of a roadmap.

Creating sustainable toys is another goal at SO Handmade. There are no excessive dyes or one-time-use plastics here. Instead production is optimized to reduce waste, and even fabric scraps are recycled into quilts! Not only are all SO Handmade products made in the U.S., Sarah still sews every piece herself. It's not only a business, but a creative outlet.