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The Ocarina is an ancient musical wind instrument with a mouthpiece and 4 holes.  By using your fingers to create different musical tones as you blow,  it allows you to create beautiful little melodies all safely nestled in your pocket waiting for its your inspiration. 

 Age Recommendation: 3+ years old 

Why We Love It

    • Allows children to engage in creative musical play
    • Promotes oral-motor development
    • Encourages use of fine motor skills
    • Sustainably Made


About Plan Toys

At PlanToys®, we work toward our belief of "Better Kids for Better World". Focus on sustainability, safety and child development are our top priorities!

Since 1981, PlanToys®, has embraced a sustainable mind to respect and preserve natural resources for future generations. We believe that children are the real force behind this mission. Our well-designed toys made of reclaimed rubber woods help enhance the development of children from newborn to 5 years old, as these first five formative years are absolutely critical for their growth.

We also strive to nurture them with the freedom of play and a closer relationship to nature. Meanwhile, we try to develop the safest processes and use materials that cause minimal or no effects to our staff, consumers, the environment, and the planet.

Our path of being a green company has been defined in “Sustainable Way” which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainable Mind.