Nature Scavenger Hunt Game
Nature Scavenger Hunt Game
Sea Urchin Studio

Nature Scavenger Hunt Game

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A cute game to bring to party, a hike, a camping trip, or a walk on a trail.  25 sheets with pictures of nature and animal creatures make this a fun take-along for both younger children who can use the pictures and the older children who can go by the more open-ended words. 

 Age Recommendation: 3+ years old

Why We Love It

    • Contains vivid imagery
    • Supports academic skills learning
    • Engages cooperative play
    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Encourages vocabulary development
    • Promotes sustainability practices
    • Sustainably Made
    • Made in the USA

About Sea Urchin Studio

Nature-inspired goods for littles. Launched in 2010 the Sea Urchin product line is widely recognized for its playful, imaginative style and irresistible charm. We strive to make unique, high-quality products that will inspire an appreciation of nature. Unless otherwise stated, products are designed and made in the United States. We work with eco-friendly materials and environmentally conscious printers and vendors.