¡Muy Verde! / Too Green! Board Book
¡Muy Verde! / Too Green! Board Book
¡Muy Verde! / Too Green! Board Book
¡Muy Verde! / Too Green! Board Book
Barefoot Books

¡Muy Verde! / Too Green! Board Book

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A young child helps his Mum and Mama cook a green vegetable soup, but then emphatically refuses to eat it. After carefully watching his parents enjoying the meal, the child finds himself pleasantly surprised when he finally tastes it. Full of humor and sound effects, this adorable and relatable tale offers positive models for handling food reluctance.

 Age Recommendations: 0+ years old 

Why We Love It

    • Encourages curiosity about our world
    • Contains lively imagery
    • Exposure to early concepts
    • Supports language development
    • Contains great vocabulary builders


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