Music Mobile - Ricesunshine
Music Mobile - Ricesunshine
Music Mobile - Ricesunshine
Music Mobile - Ricesunshine
Music Mobile - Ricesunshine

Music Mobile - Ricesunshine

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Hello friends, please meet our sunshine or to be exact Ricesunshine. Ricesunshine is a smiling sun who loves warming us up with their golden sun beams. He also has a secret, he loves to help to put little babies to sleep by singing to them. 

They have a fluffy yellow body, orange rays and a cute embroidered face. When you pull the moon, they play a soft melody, perfect to soothe little ones to sleep.    

CE certified 0+
Size: 13 x 13 cm
Color - Yellow

Care instructions: wipe with wet cloth, music ring can be removed for plush toy to be cleaned in a washing machine.    

Age Recommendation: Any Age+

Why We Love It:

    • Encourages creative play
    • Sustainable practice
    • Promotes self-love
    • Supports Community
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Women-owned business

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