Moon Child Nature Paint
Moon Child Nature Paint
Zebra Brands

Moon Child Nature Paint

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Natural Kid’s Painting Kit

– Formulated with all-natural and organic ingredients,  these water-based washable paints for kids are made with real earth pigments which makes them safer, non-toxic, and vegan friendly.

**Bright, Vibrant Colors – Our kid’s paint set can be used for painting rocks, paper, glass, arts and crafts, sidewalks, and more.

**Premium Bamboo Paint Brush 

 – Moon Child organic finger paints also come with a high-quality, reusable, soft-tip paint brush they can use over and over again to bring new color patterns and ideas to life in bold, beautiful detail.

**Quick-Dissolve Paint Powders – Create vibrant colors on the spot simply by dissolving our powdered kid’s craft paint into water. (2oz Packets) 

 **Vegan Friendly and 3rd Party Tested

Ages 5+ MADE IN USA  


About Zebra Brands

Zebra Brands was founded with a mission to bring art supplies to babies and young children by offering the highest quality products made from plant-based ingredients. Our products are all natural, and made without chemicals, preservatives or color additives.