DIY Bright and Bold Large Macrame Rainbow Craft Kit

DIY Bright and Bold Large Macrame Rainbow Craft Kit

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Each kit includes: 7 chunky pre-cut pieces of 10mm Macrame Rope, 7 balls of yarn, a Large eye needle and extra-strong thread enclosed in a small envelope and printed instructions with lots of images including how to either sew or glue-gun your pieces together.

 Age Recommendation: 6+ years old 

Why We Love It

    • Promotes motor planning and coordination
    • Promotes fine-motor development
    • Promotes eye-hand coordination 
    • Made in United Kingdom


About Macramallama

Macramallama is a mother and daughter rainbow making duo from Yorkshire. Specializing in one of a kind Macrame rainbows and premium craft kits. Allie found her passion for crafting and in particular, Macrame after graduating in 2019 finding herself with far too much time on her hands. Sally joined the fan club later on, after her living room became an extensive Macrame gallery. If you can’t beat them, join them right?! Since then, crafting has been a shared passion for the double trouble. Sharing what can be done by using humble materials such as rope and turning it into something beautiful. The introduction of Macramallama craft kits in 2020 was in turn to inspire others to get crafty, have fun and make something beautiful too.