Dinosaur Bamboo Rompee
Dinosaur Bamboo Rompee
Dinosaur Bamboo Rompee
Charlie Lou Baby

Dinosaur Bamboo Rompee

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This beautiful romper will be a great and comfortable addition to your baby's favorite wardrobe. Zippers for easy on/off, convertible hand and foot cuffs anti-skid on the feet!  Because of the convertible hand and foot cuffs, you get extra months of wear for your little ones. The cuffs can either wrap around your baby’s feet and hands, or come up to their ankles and wrists, giving you an extra 4 inches of length. It is made from the same silky soft bamboo you know and love, but thicker! These rompers are less see-through, warmer and more durable. As always, these rompers come with a double zipper.

 95% viscose from bamboo / 5% spandex

  Why We Love It
    • High Quality viscose from bamboo materials
    • Comfortable Fit
    • Thoughtful Construction and Design
    • Eco-Friendly 
    • Promotes sustainability practices
    • Women-owned

About Charlie Lou Baby

Charlie Lou Baby started like a lot of baby boutiques do, with a mom. The only difference is that I was a mom to a sweet baby with a lot of difficulties. Charlie's constant severe reflux, torticollis and extreme colic led me to searching out brands that offered affordable bamboo apparel and soft muslin nursery linens. I never quite found what I was looking for. Even though I found some brands that offered these types of products, they never seemed quite affordable enough or with the prints that I imagined. So I stopped searching, stopped wishing, and started doing. I created my own brand with my own signature prints on the fabrics I knew would make my own baby more comfortable and joyful. I'm constantly overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to share what seemed to be just for Charlie, with so many other moms and babies who not-so-coincidentally seemed to be looking for the same thing.